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We are female health professionals dedicated to uniting women around fitness. If you’ve ever felt misunderstood or out of place in a fitness setting, you are not alone. Our gym is founded on the desire to eliminate that feeling of discomfort and alienation, so you can achieve your health goals in a safe and empowering environment.

Linda, our founder, is a certified prenatal and postpartum trainer and nutritionist. She’s enjoyed an active lifestyle for many years, but after becoming a Mom, realized how underserved women and Mothers are in the fitness industry. New Mothers need the appropriate resources and support to thrive in the most vulnerable time of their lives. Thus began Elle Fitness! Linda found a way to provide that critical support through training women and helping them recover from the demands of labor.

At Elle Fitness we are not only qualified but steadfastly determined to help guide all women to looking and feeling their best!

Linda Jane Blood

Prenatal and Postpartum Trainer

“Visualize your highest self and start showing up as her.”

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Fitness Classes for All Women

Taking the first step towards prioritizing yourself can be difficult. Thankfully, baby steps are perfectly acceptable. All women deserve to feel and look their best, no matter their background, experiences, or struggles. That’s why we’re committed to making you feel safe and healthy at our gym. We have a variety of different classes and services to offer, designed to fit your life and your goals. If you want to start your fitness journey with us, consider signing up for a class or gym membership.

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