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Postpartum Classes in Houston Heights

Congratulations, Mama. You did it! Giving birth and going through the heavy demands of labor is no easy feat. In fact, we recognize that you may still be struggling emotionally, mentally, and physically. The most important thing to know is this: you are not alone! 
We’re here to help you get back on track. Rebuilding your strength, energy, and vitality will not only heal your body, but your mind and spirit. Fitness is proven to lessen the difficult effects of postpartum depression and bodily trauma. Don’t be ashamed to prioritize yourself. Take a look at our different Postpartum classes and services to see what’s a good fit for you.
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Postpartum Ab Rehab Training

After carrying a baby for 9 months, your abdominal muscles have been stretched and weakened. Your balance may even feel off-kilter for a while. It’s okay to take time to recover, especially if you’ve had a cesarean birth. When it’s time to start rebuilding your strength, our Ab Rehab Training class is meant to restore the stability of your core and get those ab muscles retrained. This isn’t an ordinary ab training class. In other fitness settings, it is likely you will over-exert yourself in ways that aren’t meant for postpartum bodies. At Elle Fitness, we automatically design our classes to be well-within the safety range for your recovering body.
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Personal Trainer

We offer one-on-one fitness guidance for postpartum women through our personal training program. Everyone’s birth experience is unique. The trauma you have undergone is different than another woman’s, and vice versa. We want to give you space to share your personal concerns, goals, and preferences. Through this program, we will customize a fitness plan based around your body’s greatest needs and areas for improvement. If you aren’t ready to enter into a group setting, or feel as though your goals need special attention, this program is perfect for you. Get connected with us to learn more about how personal training can benefit you.
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Postpartum Lower Body & Upper Body Circuit Training

Regular postpartum exercise routines have immense benefits, such as stress relief, improved blood circulation, better sleep, and higher energy levels. Despite how you may feel, it IS possible to return to a normal fitness routine after giving birth. Our lower and upper body circuit training classes are designed for you to get back in shape after an extended period of inactivity. Come ready to be challenged, but never over-worked. We’ll work on strengthening your arms, shoulders, hips, legs, glutes, and more. If you are ready to take that jump and rebuild your postpartum muscles, consider signing up for this class!
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HIIT Circuit for Non-pregnant/Postpartum Women

We believe that prioritizing your health and getting fit is important for all women, especially after experiencing the joys of pregnancy and new priorities of motherhood. Our HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) circuit for non-pregnant and postpartum women is perfect for women looking to get their fitness quickly back on track. In this class, you’ll work up a good sweat, burning calories and strengthening the muscles you use every day. You’ll start feeling the results of these workouts almost immediately, as your energy levels rise and motivate you to continue exercising. Get ready for a full-body workout that will leave you exhausted yet exhilarated, and ready for more.

Fitness Classes for All Women

Taking the first step towards prioritizing yourself can be difficult. Thankfully, baby steps are perfectly acceptable. All women deserve to feel and look their best, no matter their background, experiences, or struggles. That’s why we’re committed to making you feel safe and healthy at our gym. We have a variety of different classes and services to offer, designed to fit your life and your goals. If you want to start your fitness journey with us, consider signing up for a class or gym membership.

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