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Carefully-Crafted Classes to Make Pregnancy Safer and Judgment-Free

Pregnancy Fitness Classes in Houston Heights

Pregnancy can be exciting and challenging, but it is also a perfect time to prioritize your health and wellness. When your body feels good and you feel good about your body, everything is that much better.

Through exercising and proper nutrition, you will mitigate the uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy. A healthy body promotes better sleep, better moods, and a better birth experience.

Common pregnancy problems like backaches, constipation, and bloating can all be alleviated by implementing simple habits and healthy practices. From simple exercise plans to Zumba, keeping your body in consistent movement will work wonders.

We offer a wide range of services for pregnant women, keeping in mind that everyone’s experience is unique and worthy of validation.

Pregnant woman lifting weights

Pregnancy Fitness Classes
(lower and upper body circuit training):

Our fitness plan for expectant mothers focuses on strengthening the pelvic and abdominal muscles. Strength training in these areas significantly reduces the bodily trauma that comes with birth. The exercises will also relieve joint and lower back pain, prevent gestational diabetes, and reduce the chances of a cesarean birth. In addition, the fight against postpartum depression begins before birth. Tension in your body creates stress, which only exacerbates postpartum depression. Our fitness classes actively work to release tension, increase blood circulation, and prepare your body for labor. In effect, bolstering healthier and more stable moods during and after your pregnancy.
Pregnant woman exercising with trainer

Personal Trainer for Pregnant Women

Every woman has a different experience with pregnancy. Sometimes a private method of fitness training is more comfortable than a group setting. We recognize this, and proudly offer a personal training program for those who want one-on-one guidance. We will set you up with a robust nutrition plan that is appropriate and beneficial for you and your baby. Your fitness plan will be specialized to meet your body’s needs, so you’ll never overexert yourself during this delicate time. Your personal concerns and preferences will always be respected. Through our personal training program, you’ll be able to reach your pregnancy health goals.
Pregnant women doing Zumba

Maternity Zumba

One of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to get fit is through dance! We’ve specially designed maternity Zumba workouts so you can enjoy the fun of Zumba without over-exerting your growing and changing body. Sometimes regular, simple movements (to music!) are all your body needs. It’s okay not to love repetitive exercises like sit-ups and weight-lifting. Zumba is a full-body workout that improves your blood pressure and even increases your pain threshold. Not to mention, Zumba workouts are interactive, social, and community-building. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Zumba workouts are inclusive to all. Come join us!
Women discussing nutrition plans

Nutrition & Fitness Plans

At Elle Fitness, we deeply care about the health and well-being of every woman that walks through the door. Prenatal and Postnatal health is not just about burning calories and staying fit. It’s about holistically caring for your body and providing it with vital nutrition. This is why we provide nutrition and fitness plans, so you can stay on track with your body’s health inside and outside the gym. Fueling your body with proper nutrition is essential not only for the baby’s health, but for your energy level, mood, and digestion. Staying on track with a fitness plan will help you focus on what your body needs and not become overwhelmed. Get connected with us today, and we will set you up for success in your wellness journey.

Fitness Classes for All Women

Taking the first step towards prioritizing yourself can be difficult. Thankfully, baby steps are perfectly acceptable. All women deserve to feel and look their best, no matter their background, experiences, or struggles. That’s why we’re committed to making you feel safe and healthy at our gym. We have a variety of different classes and services to offer, designed to fit your life and your goals. If you want to start your fitness journey with us, consider signing up for a class or gym membership.

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