Linda Jane Blood

Linda Jane Blood

Prenatal and Postpartum Trainer
(832) 903-1551
"Visualize your highest self and start showing up as her."
  • Certified Postnatal Prenatal Trainer 
  • Certified Nutritionist
professional associations
  •  AFPA
I founded Elle fitness for women to have a safe place in one of the most vulnerable stages of their lives. I am a mom to a very energetic toddler boy. I have been active my entire life through training and playing soccer.

My life completely changed in 2017 when when I became a mom. There was so many emotions to process and a body to heal. No one warned me! It took me a year to start figuring my body. I walked into a gym with mixed emotions and wished I had a place where I was near women that shared my experiences. My body grew a beautiful human being, but I had never felt so weak emotionally, mentally, or physically as I did then. I started my new journey learning ways to rehab my body and realized how underserved women are. That’s where my passion for training women for the demands of labor and helping women achieve a healthy postpartum journey began.

Fitness Classes for All Women

Taking the first step towards prioritizing yourself can be difficult. Thankfully, baby steps are perfectly acceptable. All women deserve to feel and look their best, no matter their background, experiences, or struggles. That’s why we’re committed to making you feel safe and healthy at our gym. We have a variety of different classes and services to offer, designed to fit your life and your goals. If you want to start your fitness journey with us, consider signing up for a class or gym membership.

Experience Our Safe, Empowering, and Accepting Community Today

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